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“Berufskolleg Schloß Neuhaus“ was founded on 1st August 2000. Because of the continuous growth of the number of students and classes, the former school “Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg” had to be divided. After years of discussion, we moved to this location in August 2001.

    M. Groß       N. Damke
    (Headmaster)       (Deputy Headmaster)


+ Facts Building

  • There are about 67 rooms for school work.
  • Courses take place in 45 classrooms and 5 group rooms.
  • For physical education there are 3 gymnasiums and a special health and fitness centre.
  • There are 17 rooms for special purposes: computer rooms with about 409 personal computers especially to be used in computer science and information technology. Furthermore there are 2 labs for medical sciences.


+ Aims of Berufskolleg Schloß Neuhaus

We offer :

  • Qualified access into the world of work by gaining new knowledge as well as further development of existing skills
  • A solid education based on the current demands of the job market
  • The possibility of a new start with new subjects
  • Individual advising
  • Motivated teachers
  • A "modern house of teaching" including opportunities for development for young people and the latest technology

We expect:

  • Motivation and active cooperation in lessons
  • Openness to new information and technologies
  • Participation in school events
  • Acceptance of the school rules
  • Recognition of democratic and human rights

+ Courses of education



  StD J. Knop


Assistants in the field of administration and business

These courses offer basic professional education for employment in administration and business.

Students can choose between different specialisations: marketing, training enterprise, media and computer sciences or foreign languages.

Successful students get a certificate to enter a university of applied sciences and a training qualification as a business assistant



  StD Th. Albers



Business college

As a result of a lack of job-related knowledge, many young people have to think about further education. Business colleges offer the opportunity to gain further information and abilities as well as important social skills. These are the basic pillars for a future professional life.

Berufskolleg Schloß Neuhaus offers students the possibility to enter the advanced business school. The educational programme teaches necessary skills for commercial-administrative jobs. Students prepare intensively for an apprenticeship in operative, judicial and social areas.



  StD H. Nietfeld

   Business College for working adults

The business college for working adults is appropriate for all students who have already finished their apprenticeships, but who want to reach higher qualifications. Within three years or 2,400 lessons, they can reach the degree of a "Staatlich geprüfte Betriebswirtin/ staatlich geprüfter Betriebswirt", a kind of bachelor of business administration, with the main focus on sales and marketing.




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